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Garage Suite

A detached garage with an overhead apartment serves as a great living space for the family. The garage suite provides extra space for storage and also enhances the value of your property. People can also make use of the suite as their home office and perform their day to day official tasks. Garage suites also provide a new sense of independence to your college-going teenagers. They can stay in the garage apartment peacefully and concentrate on their studies.

Homeowners can also generate some extra income by renting out their garage suite through Airbnb. The online portal of Airbnb makes it simpler for budget-constraint people to find suitable rental garage apartments as per their desirable budget limit. Students looking out for rental accommodation also opt to stay in such affordable garage apartments, as it fits their expenses perfectly. The potential for this extra income can add value to your home.

Best reasons to have a garage suite:

There are a number of purposes served by a garage suite, as most often family members need a private area for their own reasons. A well-planned garage apartment can be helpful for the following reasons:

Work space

Work space- You can use the garage suite as your peaceful studio or office space. It could be the luxury of having a private office within the premises of your home. For enterprises that operate from home, a garage apartment is the ideal space.

Rental income

Rental income- Once you have a well-designed garage suite over your detached garage you can rent it out and make an additional income. The rent could come in handy to repay debt in case you have made or bought the house with a loan. Homeowners can event rent out the space to business entities so that they can use it as an office and enjoy the higher commercial rent.

For guests

For guests- You can accommodate your guests comfortable in your garage suite, as it acts as an extension of your home. You can simply tuck your guests into it and maintain your hospitality too.

Value addition

Value addition- When you own a garage suite along with your residential unit, it adds to the value of your property. At the time of resale, you will find your property fetching a higher price compared to singular units.

Organize small parties

Organize small parties- You can even invite your guests and organize small party in the cosy confines of your garage apartment.

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